Here at Bust-A-Gut we’re an ambitious bunch. Our company is fuelled by a desire to tell great stories. Stories that are unique, authentic and above all entertaining. We believe in our own ideas and would love nothing more than to make them reality – win commissions left right and centre and grab an armful of Baftas along the way. But beyond this lust for glory lies an ambition yet greater still. We want to build a business that inspires change within our industry. A business where cultural diversity is more than just a nice idea.

Founded by rapper turned comedian Ben-Bailey-Smith, Bust-A-Gut is a company with credibility at its core. Since bursting onto the scene as underground MC Doc Brown, Ben’s career has encompassed a multitude of successful incarnations –

from stand-up and straight acting, to creating Bafta winning TV series Four O’Clock Club. In January 2016 Ben welcomed the arrival of Creative Director Charlie Anderson to the Bust-A-Gut family, a television producer with over 18 years of experience across the film & TV industry. The company also boasts the considerable talents of Lajaune Lincoln – a writer and director who recently completed production of his first feature, Otherside of the Game.

By combining our array of existing contacts and industry know-how we firmly believe Busta can achieve great things. Originally established to produce music videos, shorts and online content, the company is now preparing to take a bold step forward, with an extensive slate of documentaries, dramas and features already in development. Our long-term vision also includes an aspiration to create a web-based TV channel designed to provide an outlet for voices often woefully under-represented in the visual arts.