Since taking his first tender steps as underground rapper Doc Brown, Ben’s career has encompassed a multitude of successful incarnations. From stand-up comedy to straight acting, his credits include starring roles in ITV drama Law & Order and the Ricky Gervais movie David Brent: Life on the Road. On the other side of the camera Ben’s career has been no less prolific.  Along with creating the BAFTA award-winning Four O’Clock Club for the BBC, he’s also co-written and starred in cult animation Strange Hill High. If that wasn’t enough, he happens to be devilishly handsome and has the most beautiful wife and children you are ever likely to see.

Luckily for us mere mortals, he is absolutely rubbish at dancing.



With over 18 years of experience in the film & television industry, Charlie is hands down Bust-A-Gut’s most experienced maker of tea.

Having begun life as a runner on Robot Wars, Charlie spent several years sourcing Craig Charles’ sandwiches while surviving numerous attempts on his life by an army of out-of-control automatons. A glistening career in show business beckoned, with stints on Big Brother, Fame Academy and Friday Night Project leading him a merry dance across TV’s shiny floor. After 10 years in the studio, Charlie finally gave up doing a proper job and became a producer /director of factual entertainment.  His credits include the BAFTA-nominated Pineapple Dance Studios, BBC2’s Alex Polizzi: The Fixer, and Billion Dollar Girl – a fly on the wall documentary about Tamara Ecclestone’s Chihuahua.



As an experienced primary school teacher, Siobhan has all the know-how required to run an ambitious production company. She is patient, pragmatic, can juggle a hundred things at once, and is incredibly good with numbers (especially the magnetic ones).  On the down side, she won’t let any of us leave the office unless our mums are there to collect us.



Vanya is the Claudio Ranieri of production management: disarmingly charming, a magician with limited resources and capable of getting world-class performances from lower league veterans like Jamie Vardy (delete as appropriate). Her previous experience includes stints at Firecracker, Hat Trick and October Films. Vanya has a BA in Social Anthropology and Cultural Transformation studies, and is also learning to play the ukulele. Yee Hah!



Lajaune Lincoln is an independent film-maker, writer and lover of ‘When Harry Met Sally’.

Following the distribution of his co-directed first feature Otherside of the Game, Lajaune has focused on writing as it allows him to drink rum and coke on the job.

This is probably the greatest influence on his smll, smvfnvonb..ggbmhn…..